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See you on the river!

Come enjoy the Mad River with us.

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What WE Do

We Rent Boats

Everybody wants a boat. Enjoy having a boat without all the hassle. We’ll handle everything. You just hop in and enjoy the ride.



Float with a partner, bring your family, haul all your gear, or even bring the dog! Lots of room to work with in these.




Like to travel lightly? Steer your own ship? Float your own boat? A kayak might be just the thing you need.




Just sit back and relax. Enjoy the cool clean water of the Mad River up close and personal.


About the trip

Canoe through the unspoiled, cool and clear waters of the Mad River in Champaign County. The Mad River is an excellent river for you to discover the great outdoors by canoe. The river in our section, for the most part, is just 2-3 feet deep, with some very small pools reaching 5 feet. The water is clear enough to see the river bottom your entire trip. It has a light current, based on recent weather, to carry you along, but is not so strong that you can’t paddle against it if you want to try your paddling skills. Short shallow rapids along the way provide a pleasurable change of pace. Many families and groups have found the Mad River to be a great way to discover the wonderful enjoyment of canoeing in Ohio

How long is the trip?

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Most of our trips are 5 miles and take about 2 hours at a leisurely pace.

Can I bring Kids?

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Yes! This section of the river is great for kids. We do ask that you leave the very very tiny ones at home though. Everyone should be at least 3 years old and 36 inches tall.

Pet Friendly!

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Lots of animals love to come for a boat ride. Some love to play in the water. Mostly dogs, of course… but we have had a goat and a monkey before!

Open when you need us most

Trips available STARTING as late as 4 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays all summer long!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do our best to make sure everyone has a great time. Come enjoy yourself this weekend!

Holidays too!

Open for most holidays throughout the summer. A great place to spend your time off!

The staff was very helpful. The water is beautiful and clear. The water isn’t deep. Great kayaking for beginners and ppl with children.

Tee Phillips


This place is great. We had a wonderful time. Scenery is beautiful. Reasonably priced. Everyone we ran into on the river was so nice & helpful. Great time was had by all.

Greg Daniels


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